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Lisa M. Kirk   BS., CEC

Educator and Certified Coach 


​Lisa is passionate about helping others discover their passions, enhance communication, create balance, and maintain fulfilling relationships—to work, live and love in the moment.

She is a true believer that there is a vitality that comes from connecting the mind, body and spirit!

Lisa has been in practice for nine years.  She started her professional journey as an art teacher for emotionally disturbed children and then delved into the fast paced world of advertising. Later, she attended The Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching, (accredited by the ICF) and became a Certified Empowerment Coach.  In addition, she completed a higher education admissions training program and worked as an admissions counselor/coach. Now, she integrates her teaching, admissions work and corporate experience with many years of marriage and parenting to her Life Coaching practice. 

In addition to personal coaching, she is a speaker and facilitator bringing her H.E.A.R.T. program and "The Truth, Myths and Real story" (Navigating Social Life in College) to high school and college age students through greek life and guidance offices. She has coached students on the college admissions process, facilitated teen and parent groups, participated in marriage and engagement retreats, and has developed a sensory awareness/sensuality workshop for women and men . She has been a featured guest on the new Progressive Radio Network.   Lisa strives to continue to grow in the profession by attending workshops and courses that bring new ideas and skills to her clients. 


She is certified through an accredited ICF-International Coach Federation intuition; and she continues to grow in her profession. She offers on line and phone coaching as well as seminars and one on one coaching in person in NJ/NY area and the Greater Chicago area.   973-271-8454





I am amazed everyday how positive the coaching process can be.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing men and women that have taken steps to improve their lives and for the wonderful things they bring to me.

I learn something new everyday about myself, the strength of the human spirit, and the power of positive energy.  It is incredible how non-judgement, positive encouragement, and a plan of action, result in the courage to create a life with more joy, love, and passion.  

I am blessed to be in this place in my life and I look forward to being a part of YOUR coaching journey!


Lisa M. Kirk





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